TV Wednesday – Doctor Who Quote Cross Stitch


So I’ve desperately trying to catch up on Doctor Who before going to see the 50th Anniversary Special, Day of the Doctor, in theaters on Monday.  When I first started out watching as much as I could before seeing the special I had no intention on being completely caught up. That is, until this past Sunday when I realized I was a few episodes into Series 6 out of 7 and have several Days off before Monday. THIS COULD HAPPEN. In fact, after I post this Doctor Who cross stitch I’m going to tackle some more episodes!


This beaut is by Tumblr user Common Wood Screws.



5 thoughts on “TV Wednesday – Doctor Who Quote Cross Stitch

  1. Love your cross stitch! I’m a Whovian and am so excited about the 50th anniversary programme – I’m going to see it in 3D on Saturday!!!!

    • Sadly, It’s not mine, but it is wonderful! I’m a newly established Whovian and I’m trying very hard to be caught up in time for the special! In the states we don’t get it in theaters until Monday and I don’t have BBC America so I’ll have to avoid spoilers for a few days! Eek!

      • I saw the trailers here and thought that I just had to view it on the big screen! I am intending to go buy

  2. oops my cat sent that comment before I finished it. I am intending to buy myself a fez to wear and my husband is going dressed as Matt Smith’s Doctor Who – Bow tie and all.

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