TV Wednesday – Doctor Who Snuggie


It seems only appropriate that I post something Doctor Who since I forgot to post last night because I was (re)watching Day of the Doctor. I present to you, the Tardis Snuggie!


Via Crafty Lil Thing


Weekly Update – A Couple of Projects!


This week not only do I have the Spaced Cross Stitch to share with you but a shawl/scarf that I have started for a friend’s Christmas present.

First up, the scarf! 


It’s not the best photo, nor is it even where I am currently but I just had to share because of the yarn. Oh my! This yarn! It’s beautiful and so soft! It’s Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Canopy Tonal. Amazing. I’m hoping to have left overs to make myself something with it!

And onto the Cross Stitch!



As you can see, I’ve gotten a TON of work done on this (Thanks, binge watching episodes of Doctor Who!) I’m always working on it up so close and in such a small section sometimes I’m surprised to see how much it’s come together from week to week. Tim’s eyebrows and part of his eye are making an appearance! And I’ve started the “D” in Spaced! It’s looking great, if I may toot my own horn!

TV Wednesday – Doctor Who Quote Cross Stitch


So I’ve desperately trying to catch up on Doctor Who before going to see the 50th Anniversary Special, Day of the Doctor, in theaters on Monday.  When I first started out watching as much as I could before seeing the special I had no intention on being completely caught up. That is, until this past Sunday when I realized I was a few episodes into Series 6 out of 7 and have several Days off before Monday. THIS COULD HAPPEN. In fact, after I post this Doctor Who cross stitch I’m going to tackle some more episodes!


This beaut is by Tumblr user Common Wood Screws.