Weekly Update – My Bad.


I realize I forgot to put up a Friday Grab Bag. I went up to Asheville, NC this weekend and realized Thursday night I hadn’t packed anything so by time I finished I forgot all about putting up a blog post. I feel kind of bad but I had a really great time in Asheville so I got over it 😉


While in Asheville we stopped in a cute little yarn store. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but then I saw their adorable Doctor Who display and I knew I had to support them! Just look at the little Daleks!


This is the yarn I ended up buying.  I got two skeins and it will end up a scarf, I believe.Image

Presenting one finished Nanoblock set! TA-DA! It looks amazing and it was a lot of fun to build. Up next I plan on finishing my Lego Millennium Falcon! These pictures also make me realize I should take better pictures but I’m lazy, don’t want to have to leave my desk area and never think to take pictures when there’s natural lighting. You’ll just have to deal, I suppose.


Here’s the completed set with a Coke can for size reference. 1500 pieces and just barely taller than the can!


Finally, the owl beanie.  I’m chugging right along.  I’m having so much fun working on this that I still haven’t worked on the Spaced Cross Stitch. I have got to get back to working on that. I’ve just been in more of a crochet mood and I have not one but two great video games I’m playing right now. I’m just going to keep making excuses to feel better.

Anyway! I may not have cross stitched but I am getting work done on crafts so I can’t be too mad at myself!


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