WDW Day 4 – Epcot


Epcot is my absolute favorite park. All the great food, shopping and attractions! I don’t understand how people think this park is boring. Crazies.Image

A very important Epcot tradition for me is a pretzel and beer in the German Pavilion.  Here is my GIANT pretzel and in the background a very delicious grapefruit beer. The sweet beer complimented the salty pretzel wonderfully.


Hustle Cat is a good friend of mine so I had to stop by Mitsukoshi and see how he was doing. He seems well.


I offered to push my grandmother in a wheelchair today since she has a bad hip and bad knees. Doing so paid off when we got this amazing spot to watch Illuminations from! Wow-za!



On the way out of the park I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of Space Ship Earth yet so I wheeled my grandmother off to the side, threw my phone up and grabbed this photo on the first try. I’m kind of proud.  I wish I could say I meant for it to come out this amazing but I just didn’t. 


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