WDW Day 1 – Polynesian Resort!


I have made it to Disney World! It was a long drive but totally worth it.  Tonight my grandmother and I went over to the Polynesian Resort to have dinner at Ohana. The food was good but dear lord was there a lot of it! Oy. I don’t think I’ll even be able to eat breakfast tomorrow, I’ll still be full. 

I’ve got a few photos for you all:



Me out front of the Polynesian with some purty landscapingImage

The fountain area in the Grand Ceremonial House.


Me with that fountain.



I love these Tikis playing Hide and Seek in the gift shop.


Which is called Boutiki. Adorable.


Cinderella Castle in the distance. You can also see a bit of Main Street, USA.Image


The Grand Floridian and Wedding Pavilion from the Polynesian.


One of the Long Houses. It’s deliciously dated.

Now it is time to rest up as we have an early morning tomorrow. We’re off to the Magic Kingdom! 



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