Weekly Update – A Little Bit of E’rything


You guys. I. Am. Exhausted.  I’ve been a little bit of everywhere these past few weeks. Yesterday was a very good friend’s birthday party and then I had to do a quick turn around to be at work for 8:30 this morning.  I don’t usually work weekends so it was HARD.

Anyway, I have all kinds of updates for you today! First up is my Nanoblock set:

ImageI could have gotten so much more done on this but I don’t ever want to finish it 😦 For this exact reason I have a half finished Lego Millennium Falcon in my closet…

Next up is the Spaced Cross Stitch:

ImageI have no idea how I had any time at all to work on this, guys.  But I did! As you can tell I’m chugging right along. We got a corner of Daisy’s head now and I’m working on the “ACE” in “Spaced.”  After seeing The World’s End twice this weekend I am so pumped to work on this more!

Finally, we’ve got this beauty:


 It’s three skeins of Juniper Moon Farm‘s Moonshine in Swimming pool. I’ve been following Susan’s blog for so long now I don’t even remember how I found it.  Needless to say I was ecstatic when I found it when I went to go use a gift certificate at a local yarn shop, Downtown Knits. I am now ruined. I’ll never be able to buy yarn at a chain store ever again.

I haven’t started anything yet but I plan on making this shawl with it:


Whew. That was a mighty post for me. Now I must cross stitch and watch episodes of Doctor Who.





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