Weekly Update: Cross Stitch and Nanoblock!


Howdy there folks.  I hope everybody had a nice weekend.  I meant to get out to a local yarn shop but that never happened.  I have Wednesday off of work this week so that may be a good day to do that.

Anyway! I have some updates for you.  First up is, of course, the Spaced Cross Stitch:


I am officially further along than I was before I restarted it!  Which, to me, is impressive because it took me a lot longer to get to this point the first time. HUZZAH!

Second up, I got a rather large Nanoblock set with some birthday money.  If you’ve never heard of Nanoblock they’re like itty-bitty Lego sets that originated in Japan.  You can get a few sets here but a lot of the complex ones are imported from Japan but are quite plentiful on Amazon, thankfully. The set I got is 1,400+pc set of Tintin’s Chateau De Moulinsart and here is my progress so far:


It’s not much yet, but it will be grand soon enough!

Thanks for tagging along for another week!



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