Weekly Progress


So here’s the premise.  Every Sunday I’ll update you on whatever I’ve been working on, mostly Cross Stitch.  This is my little idea to keep me on top projects I start so they don’t get left behind and 2 years later they still aren’t finished. I’m really ambitious when it comes to projects and usually start 8×10 sized cross stitches only to never finish them. I’m trying to break that habit.  Now to come up with a catchy name for this weekly segment…

Anyway! A week or so ago I restarted a project based on the cult favorite, British sitcom Spaced. I decided to turn the picture from the DVD cover into an awesome, nerdy cross stitch.  


And here are the first couple pictures from the past week of progress:





I say restarted because I originally started this project long ago but somewhere along the way I made a mistake.  At first I decided the mistake was so small it wasn’t worth fixing and I could just work around it and then that snowballed and I was so confused and it was a mess.  Seeing as this is my favorite show I wanted the finished product to be perfect so recently I decided to completely start over.

So join me on this journey from start to (hopefully) finish!



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