Flight of the Conchords Stitch.


Wow, long time no post! I didn’t think anybody out there was reading but then I got a comment from Gamer Grrlz that made me feel loved so now I am back!

For my first post back I bring you a bit of cross stitch joy from one of my favorite shows, Flight of the Conchords.

I bring you the Binary Solo! I made this for a friend for Christmas. I am quite pleased even though I know there should be a “0000001111” row. But to be fair, they repeat the solo a second time and only go through “111” =p

My favorite part of this stitch? Totally the robot font 😉


3 thoughts on “Flight of the Conchords Stitch.

      • Basically I remember that I’ll get virtual cookies in the form of utter adoration. It’s really the ego stroking that keeps me going LOL.

        That, and finding cool stuff. It takes a lot of research but finding the right items is inspiring enough to see you through.

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