Luna Lovegood Scarf.


IT’S DONE! Oh man. This was quite the scarf. I tend to get easily bored with projects, yet I love to be ambitious and start crazy big projects too. I tend to go back and forth and back and forth between projects and starting new ones, but I try to be fair and show equal love to my large projects that I sometimes forget. Having said that, I think it’s impressive that I finished this behemoth of a scarf in 2 months.

Based off Luna Lovegood’s scarf in one of the Harry Potter movies (don’t hate me for not knowing which one) I made this wonderful scarf for a friend of mine out of incredibly soft bamboo yarn. The pattern used can be found here.

Now onto the pictures!:

Beddy Tear sports the oh so stylish scarf.

Close up on the detail.

And finally, just to show you how massive the thing was.

I can tell you this scarf went to a good home and the new owner loved it 🙂 I also made a headband inspired by this pattern but I didn’t get pictures 😦 However, I loved how it turned out so much I will be making more!


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