Catan Cake.


Hello everyone. It’s been a while and I’m sorry. I had a moment of busy in my life for a few days there. But I’m back! 🙂 Today I bring you a deliciously nerdy craft today! The Settlers of Catan cake!

Settlers of Catan is a delightful board game in which you must build roads, settlements and cities to earn victory points; first to 10 points wins the game!

My favorite part of the cake? How the pieces are all wonky and don’t stay uniform…just like the real game!

I found this on The Craft Magazine Blog and it was made by Instructables user Papersatan.

via[Craft Magazine Blog]


5 thoughts on “Catan Cake.

  1. Seriously? Did you make this before or after our little convo about Settlers?

    If after, that’s pretty awesome.

    If before, OMG you are SUCH A NERD and I wonder WHY I am even FRIENDS with you. Also, I LIKE to random capitalise THINGS.

    • I didn’t make it 🙂 I found it online, before our convo. So I guess you don’t know why we are friends now T_T

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