I wasn’t exactly sure what the purpose of a doily was before I looked it up on Wikipedia. I knew that you put lamps on it but I didn’t know why. Turns out it’s to keep from scratching wood surfaces. Well there you go. But as a 23 year old with hand-me-down mismatched furniture this isn’t exactly a concern of mine. Yet crocheting a doily seemed so appealing. They’re intricate and interesting looking which usually translates into a fun crochet. So I went ahead and crocheted one anyway:



I’ve toyed around with the idea of framing the doily as art. More specifically making 2 or 3 more in different colors and making a collage of them in one frame. But before I take that time to go ahead and make 2 or 3 more doilies, what are some ideas you all have for using a doily?


3 thoughts on “Doily.

  1. Nice work!
    You would make your Baba-Baba S. Baba Mary proud!
    Once my mom was making me a crocheted bikini that had a doily-like pattern. (I was about 16 at the time). It mysteriously disappeared when I think she thought it was too skimpy!

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