Crocheted Hanger.


Today is my friend, Sam’s, birthday. I felt bad that I wasn’t able to get her anything and then at work today I realized, “Duh! Make her something!” She’s a fellow crafter and her Etsy Store has a permanent link in my Friends off to the right there. I knew she would love anything I crafted for her. Unfortunately, this actually made it more difficult. What do you make for someone who can make things for themselves? After browsing around on Ravelry for ideas I saw it. A crocheted hanger. Sure it seems lame and kind of granny, but I knew I could jazz it up with something to make it a little more cute and a lot less granny.

Here are the results:

Close up on details and flower:

Simple, fast, cute and a great way to make those yucky wire hangers more useful and sturdy!

P.S. – After looking at these photos it appears that I need to use my actual camera and not my phone to take the pictures. I’ll do that starting tomorrow.


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